Oppose the SAFE Act


Join the “We Were Strangers, Too” Jewish Campaign for Immigration Reform in opposing the SAFE Act, the “Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement” (SAFE) Act, H.R. 2278, which was approved by the House Judiciary Committee in June 2013. Among other things, this bill would:

• Worsen laws targeting terrorism that instead negatively impact
refugees and asylees;
• Expand the immigration detention system that currently detains
torture survivors, asylum seekers, and others seeking protection in
the U.S. from persecution in their home countries;
• Unwisely delegate enforcement of national immigration laws to
state and local law enforcement agencies.

Visit www.wewerestrangerstoo.wordpress.com for more information. You also can help spread the word on Twitter about this dangerous legislation:
• SAFE Act would make us LESS safe by fostering fear of law enforcement in refugee communities
bit.ly/NoHR2278 #HATEAct #Jews4CIR #TimeisNow
• SAFE Act would bar law-abiding refugees who’ve lived in the US for decades from naturalizing
bit.ly/NoHR2278 #HATEAct #Jews4CIR #TimeisNow
• SAFE Act could subject even those who “look documented” to police stops, arrests & detention
bit.ly/NoHR2278 #HATEAct #Jews4CIR #TimeisNow